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Why is the “fall season” a prudent time to have a roof system audit performed by a professional?

- 10.17.14
Confirmation that water shedding paths are free and clear – Low slope metal roof systems make up a large portion of the commercial building market.  These low slope configurations (i.e. often a 1:12 to 1/4:12 pitch) function best without ponding water or the blockage of evacuative flow paths.  In fact all low slope or flat roof systems composed of BUR, Modified, TPO, PVC, EPDM... read more ›

Roofing Contractors’ Warranties are Only as solvent as the Contractor

- 09.18.14
Posted @ 6/28/2013 3:12 PM by John | Files in Roof Warranty, Roofing Repairs "Most roofs installed today are covered by a warranty. A roofing warranty can be issued by the manufacturer of the roofing material or the installing roof contractor or both. Typically a warranty issued by the manufacturer provides much greater protection than one issued be the installing contractor.... read more ›