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"Accurate thought for prudent decision making is greatly enhanced with knowledge and facts not mere information"

-time or Data-Logger differential pressure data collection systems

Real-time or Data-Logger differential pressure data collection systems

Know your roof system!

National Roof has been educating clients about metal roof system: attributes, performance, maintainability and sustainability for more than 50 years. National Roof uses available, fact based evidence to bring about resolution to simple as well as complex roof system conditions and problems. National Roof endeavors to differentiate between symptomatic and casual relationships as they pertain to moisture infiltration. Causality is often a non roof related function with respect to building water breaches. Not only has this data been observed by National Roof technicians and staff over many decades, but it has been substantiated by numerous studies.

Because not all building roof leaks are as they appear to be, and other factors may be acting to generate or facilitate moisture encroachment within or into the building envelope, it sometimes makes sense to evaluate peripheral material component details as well as atmospheric conditions that may have a hand in vapor transport.

Analytical tools and monitoring equipment compliment the National Roof knowledge-base in assisting building owners by identifying and often pre-empting; serious water breaches, insidious moisture migration problems, premature roof component failure, and unscheduled capital replacement expenditures.

Building owners and managers have businesses to run and may not be equipped or do not have the time to tend to roof system responsibilities and best practices that are paramount to roof system longevity and are required by manufacturers to preserve warranty coverage. This is where a good, outside professional organization can assist in establishing a roof audit & preventive maintenance program that is cost effective, minimizes moisture infiltration issues and frees the owner to concentrate on business operations.

“transparency trends toward trust”

National Roof “Audits, Reports and accommodating Recommendations” provide clarity in understanding real-time roof system maintainability levels and confirmation of performance. Let us give your metal roof a health examination today.

NRRR Engineering and Technical Services

MR-24 standing seam metal roof internal retention clip removal for evaluation & install of retro clip

MR-24 standing seam metal roof internal retention clip removal for evaluation & install of retro clip

  • Metal Roof System Audits – Routine or annual metal roof system audits keep the building owner fully informed on important facts, and minimize the unexpected. Read More
  • Building Envelope pressure differential & Internal Atmospheric assessment – Inside air quality not only impacts employee productivity &well being but also the health of the building structure and envelope. Pressure differentials can create serious moisture migration issues that adversely impact building and roof component integrity. Read More
  • Condensation critique – Condensation is often mistaken for a leaking roof. Read More
  • Construction detail evaluation –It is extremely important to have proper roof system component configurations that yield long term water-tight assemblies. Read More
  • Energy losses through roof insulation systems – Entrapped moisture within roof insulating systems not only accelerates roof panel & component deterioration but undermines building envelope conservation efforts through energy loss. Read more
  • Cool Roofing considerations - [ look before you leap] - Cool white roofing requires a more than a rubber stamp of approval. You might be surprised by some of the research findings. Read Article
  • Case Study - An interesting study that may pertain to the current conditions that you are dealing with. Read More

NRRR knows metal roof systems!

National Roof is a longtime respected leader in Pre-engineered metal building component & metal roof system repair and restoration services throughout the country. We provide the professional knowledge and nuts & bolts abilities often lacking in our industry discipline today. NRRR will not compromise principle for profit. We tell our customers the “reality” of their metal roof system whether exceptionally great or deteriorated beyond repair. We are experienced messengers with a mission to educate our clients, and assist them in achieving and maintaining the integrity of one of their most important assets. “Their metal roof system” [also known as the fifth wall of protection]