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National Roof Restoration & Repair and the Service Warranty

National Roof has provided professional metal roofing solutions & services to customers throughout the Midwest, Atlantic Seaboard and southern region of the US for over 50 years.  National Roof specializes in Metal Roof System: Audits, Annual Inspections & Preventive Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Remedial Repairs, and Restoration. Read more

National Roof & Building Owner/Customer Roofing System Best Practices, Requirements & Responsibilities

The following information is not only educational in nature, but encourages the owner/customer/lessee to engage in proactive roof preventive maintenance, elaborates on non-warranted roofing conditions, and establishes simplified boundary conditions between owner/customer/lessee responsibilities and NRRR warranty requirements. Read more

25 Year Galvalume® Metal Roof Panel Warranty and Guarantee

LifeTite Metal Products manufacturers and distributes a variety of commercial Galvalume® metal roof panels to the commercial building construction industry within the U.S.  These products are produced from quality coil stock and precision roll forming equipment that ensure long lasting panel functionality. Read more