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National Roof & Restoration and the Service Warranty

National Roof has provided professional metal roofing solutions & services to customers throughout the Midwest, Atlantic Seaboard and southern region of the US for over 50 years.  National Roof specializes in Metal Roof System: Audits, Annual Inspections & Preventive Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Remedial Repairs, Restoration, Re-Roofing and Retro-Fit Roofing.

 We service a wide variety of clients and their commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional and warehousing metal roof systems.  National Roof performs metal roofing work for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses with buildings ranging from 500,000 s.f. to 5,000 s.f.

Over the years National Roof has been a leader in metal roofing maintenance innovations, we have continually embraced new and effective process improvement methodologies, worked closely with suppliers to maximize quality, installed premium, industrial grade products to exceed customer satisfaction, and all the while maintaining excellent safety standards.

National Roof, over the last 50 plus years has had the good fortune of inspecting more than “200,000,000 sq.ft.” of metal roof systems composed of a diverse number of manufacturers, configurations, panel profiles, and fitted equipment assemblies.  Throughout this 5 decade journey we have contracted and successfully fulfilled service warranties for over “120,000,000 sq.ft.”  of commercial metal roofing.  We are still, to this day, maintaining our high level of commitment and application to service warranty performance.

National Roof has always employed full time, experienced, roof technicians for the purpose of satisfying our service warranties to valued customers.  We are not perfect and there are times that warranty service is required.  When service is required we respond.  We have a proven track record in fulfilling service warranty coverage from start to finish.  For this reason we have many building owners who are repeat customers.

Because National Roof has extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in “pre-engineered metal buildings and metal roofing systems there is a consistency and proven methodology in the applications and installations that we perform.  Such performance has the propensity to mitigate most issues that would otherwise languish.

All material warranties associated with installed roof repair, restoration or roof replacement systems are generally covered by the material Manufacturer Warranty.  Because National Roof partners with a few high quality material providers; warranty claims are essentially non-existent.  However, if there is ever an exception to the rule most all of our suppliers have been in business for over (80) years and their longevity is directly related to the high quality products they produce and the service they provide.