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Why is the “fall season” a prudent time to have a roof system audit performed by a professional?

Confirmation that water shedding paths are free and clear – Low slope metal roof systems make up a large portion of the commercial building market.  These low slope configurations (i.e. often a 1:12 to 1/4:12 pitch) function best without ponding water or the blockage of evacuative flow paths.  In fact all low slope or flat roof systems composed of BUR, Modified, TPO, PVC, EPDM and other membranes require the same vigilance.

Of particular interest and concern is the removal of: 1) loose & unattached debris or materials left on the roof panels and at pipe flashings and curbs that can inhibit the discharge of rain water from the roof surface and initiate panel deterioration.  Examples include pieces of plywood and cut lumber, concrete blocks, metal framing & piping, HVAC components, etc.  2) cans, bottles, rags, toys, auto parts, clothing, sports equipment and round objects, miscellaneous trinkets, etc. that can find their way into downspouts drops causing water backup at roof to wall interfaces and closures.  3) vegetative growth in gutter assemblies perpetuated by a combination of dust, dirt, leaves and other organic materials that accumulate in low  areas, are kept moist throughout warm summer months by HVAC condensate discharge.  Birds of the air are prolific delivery systems for the transport of ground laden seeds to just about any type roof system.  4) seasonal shedding of leaves, needles and twigs at building perimeters can facilitate water damming and cause significant moisture infiltration problems even from modest winter rain, sleet and snowfall events throughout the winter.

Post summer roof component integrity check  – Your metal roof system has just fended off another summer of elevated, thermally induced stress levels that have acted upon the many components and details attached to its surface.  Termination flashings, transition flashings, fasteners, penetration flashings, end laps, etc. have incurred a full range of expansion and contraction cycles and the internal stress levels that temperature swings bring.  The early “Fall” is an opportune time to have a professional organization like National Roof visit your facility and give your metal roof system a complete physical exam.  The roof inspection or audit as we call them focuses on critical roofing details and waterproof seals must be maintained.  Typically a little preventive maintenance or modest remedial repair will cure potential breach areas before the onset of winter.

Preparation for winter weather – If you have experienced harsh winter weather you know that it sometimes leads to snow and ice removal along the eave lines.  To minimize the future impact of ice damming and condensation issues during the cooler months building owners and facility / maintenance managers should enlist a professional commercial roofing organization to evaluate building internal and external configurations for assessment.

Weakened panel surfaces and deficient closure assemblies & fasteners at the eave lines, products of previous snow and ice removal, should be evaluated for watertight integrity.  The inside transition between roof to wall assemblies, along low and high eave lines, should be inspected and evaluated for appropriate insulation installation and for a continuous vapor barrier seal.  These considerations as well as other details should be on all facility personnel pre-winter priority lists. Caring for any discrepancies at the eave lines will minimize winter blues.

It does not matter if you are located in: Charlotte, North Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, Knoxville, Tennessee, Lexington, Kentucky, or Maumee, Ohio for severe winter weather to unleash a sudden fury.  Do not be caught unprepared with an underperforming roof system.  Call National Roof for a seasonal “FALL”: audit, inspection and cleaning of nonessential debris and materials from your roof surface and gutter system.  Roof Auditing and inspections are the 1st line of defense for the long term health and longevity of your roofing system.