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Service Warranty

Why is the “fall season” a prudent time to have a roof system audit performed by a professional?

Confirmation that water shedding paths are free and clear – Low slope metal roof systems make up a large portion of the commercial building market.  These low slope configurations (i.e. often a 1:12 to 1/4:12 pitch) function best without ponding water or the blockage of evacuative flow paths.  In fact all low slope or flat roof systems composed of BUR, Modified, TPO, PVC, EPDM and other membranes require the same vigilance.

Construction Detail Evaluation

Conventional “thru-fastened” metal roof systems have been around for over a century and still constitute a large sector of the commercial, manufacturing and warehousing roof market today.  They are inexpensive, durable and long lasting with proper maintenance.  These roof systems are typically low slope with a 1:12 to 3:12 pitch.

Roofing Contractors’ Warranties are Only as solvent as the Contractor

Posted @ 6/28/2013 3:12 PM by John | Files in Roof Warranty, Roofing Repairs

"Most roofs installed today are covered by a warranty. A roofing warranty can be issued by the manufacturer of the roofing material or the installing roof contractor or both. Typically a warranty issued by the manufacturer provides much greater protection than one issued be the installing contractor.

Condensation Critique

A discussion about condensation, its physical phenomena and influence are in order when considering moisture issues with the building envelope and especially the roof system.  The NIA has provided a handy white paper about condensation that is worth reading and submitted below.


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