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Metal Roof System Audits

First time roof audits are a no cost activity to the National Roof Coater customer.  This service allows us to provide the owner with a detailed professional document that reports on the condition of their metal roof(s), installed components and their interface.  Keeping your metal roof system at a constant “high level” of maintainability is one of the most important facets to longevity and sustainability.

National Roof performs a comprehensive review of each metal roof system it inspects by evaluating current condition of metal panels, laps, joints, flashings, transitions, curbs, boots, caps, fasteners, etc. and the integrity of the interfacing seals.  This begins the process of categorizing the maintainability level of the roof system and establishes a baseline for appropriate preventive maintenance, remedial repairs and future inspection periodicity.

“Maintainability” is essentially the level of effort necessary to perform preventive maintenance and the extent of remedial repairs required that will put a metal roof system back on track to achieving the life cycle longevity that was intended.  In other words, if a roof system audit revealed no roof system deterioration, no component deficiencies, no panel defects, no interface seal issues and no reported problems from the owner – this roof would be considered to have a “high level” of maintainability.  On the other hand, if a thorough inspection of a roof was found to have rusting metal panels, extensive and failing mastic repairs, damaged trim and flashing components, broken rib corrugations, missing closures, and a severely damaged insulating system from significant moisture infiltration over an extended period of time we would classify this at a very ‘low level” of maintainability.  This means that the expense to have this roof system repaired and returned to a “high level” of maintainability may not be possible and may even be cost prohibitive.  It may make more sense to re-roof or retro-fit when considering long term life cycle costs and sheer longevity.

Why are annual or routine roof system “audits” so cost effective when you start early in the life of a metal roof system?  Because the audit quantifies an initial level of maintainability, recommends cost effective preventive maintenance or minor repairs that will keep the roof system at a “high level” of maintainability and will enhance life cycle longevity.

 Note: The general trend shown has been validated in a number of similar studies.  The bottom line is that building owners who have their roof systems routinely audited and have “low” cost effective preventive maintenance performed are much more likely to see life cycle longevity of their metal roof systems outperform those systems that do not receive routine repair care.  After thirty years of the life cycle there can be a "level of magnitude" difference in cost between “highly maintained" roof systems and those roof systems with a “low level” of maintainability.  The choice is yours.

So, to get the ball rolling we like to begin the process of earning a customer’s trust, up front, by offering this valuable service "free of charge" for an initial audit.  This is a great savings to our clients.  Get started now.