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Why is the “fall season” a prudent time to have a roof system audit performed by a professional?

Confirmation that water shedding paths are free and clear – Low slope metal roof systems make up a large portion of the commercial building market.  These low slope configurations (i.e. often a 1:12 to 1/4:12 pitch) function best without ponding water or the blockage of evacuative flow paths.  In fact all low slope or flat roof systems composed of BUR, Modified, TPO, PVC, EPDM and other membranes require the same vigilance.

Energy Losses Through Roof Insulation Systems

Federal, state and local codes are rapidly changing to keep up with evolving commercial building technologies that deal with: energy efficient design, thermal resistant materials and operational protocols.  The technologies influence everything from lighting, to electric motors, monitoring sensors, filtration systems, insulating materials, roof and wall systems, transportation, manufacturing processes, heating and cooling, etc.

Construction Detail Evaluation

Conventional “thru-fastened” metal roof systems have been around for over a century and still constitute a large sector of the commercial, manufacturing and warehousing roof market today.  They are inexpensive, durable and long lasting with proper maintenance.  These roof systems are typically low slope with a 1:12 to 3:12 pitch.

Annual Commercial Roof Replacement Costs and Energy Losses Through the Roof System

Dating back to the 1970’s researchers, professional engineers, commercial building and roof system manufacturers, energy specialists and testing & HVAC societies such as ASTM and ASHRAE have joined ranks in their purpose to codify, evaluate, analyze and understand moisture migration in commercial building envelopes.  There have been a myriad of symposiums, conferences and technical seminars on this subject over the last four decades.  Additionally, a significant number of research activities have been pursued at federal agencies such as DOE & ORNL, institutional and academic facilit

Energy Efficiency and Material Conservation

What do you know about Energy use and its cost in the World, in the U.S. and within the U.S. Commercial Building Sector?

Did you know that in the U.S. we use approximately 19 million barrels of crude oil per day?  A staggering sum I would say.  However this is down from the 20 million plus barrels of oil per day we consumed pre-2008.  The U.S. uses approximately 20% of the total energy consumed globally. China and the U.S. consume about the same amount of energy.  Total world energy consumption is about 120 Quadrillion BTU’s per year at a cost of more than 14 Trillion dollars.

Condensation Critique

A discussion about condensation, its physical phenomena and influence are in order when considering moisture issues with the building envelope and especially the roof system.  The NIA has provided a handy white paper about condensation that is worth reading and submitted below.

Metal Roof System Audits

First time roof audits are a no cost activity to the National Roof Coater customer.  This service allows us to provide the owner with a detailed professional document that reports on the condition of their metal roof(s), installed components and their interface.  Keeping your metal roof system at a constant “high level” of maintainability is one of the most important facets to longevity and sustainability.


National Roof partners with a few outstanding manufacturers of industrial grade roofing products and installs premium materials for long lasting commercial applications.

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